This 6′ roundel was acquired from a ball room of a on old, closed Art Deco hotel in the midwest. The image is a combination of paint, gilding, lusterfarben, applied mother of pearl and mica. It was very dirty, overpainted and degraded. This was first conserved and then the frame was custom made, decorated with silver and aluminum leaf.

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This pier table had been subjected to serious water damage, deposited accretions, lost metal mounts and finish damage. The appearance was greatly improved after treatment. The ormolu mounts needed to be cleaned. Lost veneer, finish damage, lost metal mounts and a lot of crud on the surface. After treatment was completed.


This is Albert Einstein’s personal globe that is displayed in his office at Princeton. The Center for Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts conserved the globe, and I treated the stand, which had been broken and poorly repaired many times. This is a pre-treatment photo…click on the link below. (Photography courtesy of CCAHA)


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Serious, open crack in the end grain of a turned cherry bowl. After the damage, the bowl stood for some years, as environmental fluctuations caused the crack to slowly open. At this point serious force was necessary to close the crack. Furthermore, it had to be applied evenly so the bowl was not distorted and …

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