This hatch, designed by Murray Peterson Assc. is the finished product of a DIY article written for WoodenBoat magazine. I used to write for them a lot, but this is the first article in nearly 20 years. _DSC3141IMG_1812

This gallery contains 5 photos.

This pier table had been subjected to serious water damage, deposited accretions, lost metal mounts and finish damage. The appearance was greatly improved after treatment. The ormolu mounts needed to be cleaned. Lost veneer, finish damage, lost metal mounts and a lot of crud on the surface. After treatment was completed.

Gilded cartouche

This cartouche, including the shell, had been lost from the early 18th century English looking glass. I carved and gilded the recreation based on research into a related group of looking glasses.


Carving in progress with detailing being laid out.


Carving almost finished.


Finished carving with gesso applied.

IMG_0848Red clay bole applied…ready for gold.


Gold leaf being applied.



Completed cartouche mounted on the looking glass.


This is Albert Einstein’s personal globe that is displayed in his office at Princeton. The Center for Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts conserved the globe, and I treated the stand, which had been broken and poorly repaired many times. This is a pre-treatment photo…click on the link below. (Photography courtesy of CCAHA)