1882 “Stick Style” semi-detached house. Had most decorative details, as well as decorative trim removed. Asbestos-shingled, overall-stuccoed; all removed and decorative details recreated from a few examples left on the block. New walnut front door copied from a house 2 blocks away. (Little Free Library!)

All work solely my own.

The entire upper assembly had been lost. I researched it through the Gordon Russell school/museum with help from their staff, and working from original drawings, recreated the ratcheted looking glass and support assembly. (Restored much of the ebonized stringing that had been lost as well.) English walnut.

For those who are interested, many “split” turnings in the 17th and 18th centuries are not complete halves. This is why. They were turned whole, then sawn in half, and the sawn surfaces flattened. They were then inserted as chair back spindles, or glued onto furniture as ornaments. If it looks right…it is right.